Imagine a world with peace. Imagine a world free from hate, no matter where you’re born or who you happen to fall in love with. Imagine a world without gender, social or economic inequality. Imagine a world where no human needs to starve. Imagine a world where becoming a president requires a certain amount of brain cells. Imagine a world free from late stage capitalism over-consumption. Imagine a world where all species live in harmony. Imagine a world that makes Mother Nature proud again.

Sounds lovely, doesn’t it?

So, will the birth of Raging Pig Company make this Utopia become reality? Probably not. However, the birth of Raging Pig Company will let us humans keep enjoying that delicious taste of pork without sacrificing our own health, the life of pigs nor our planet. And that has to count for something, right?


Removing pigs from the food system.

As simple, or as hard, as that. Not only because 1.5 billion (!) pigs are being turned into human food each year despite them being smarter than both dogs and an average 3-year old human baby (and at least as cute), but because the pork industry is an enormous environmental problem. And the rumour goes that there’s no Planet B.

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