Imagine a world with peace. Imagine a world free from hate, no matter where you’re born or who you happen to fall in love with. Imagine a world without gender, social or economic inequality. Imagine a world where no human needs to starve. Imagine a world where becoming a president requires a certain amount of brain cells. Imagine a world free from late stage capitalism over-consumption. Imagine a world where all species live in harmony. Imagine a world that makes Mother Nature proud again.

Sounds lovely, doesn’t it?

So, will the birth of Raging Pig Company make this Utopia become reality? Most definitely not.

However, the birth of Raging Pig Company will let us humans enjoy the delicious taste of bacon without having to be a part of the, not so delicious, pig slaughtering circus. It will most likely also lead to a bunch of death threats from white male boomers and ,with a little luck, inspire some of you to open up for a healthier, plant-based diet (if only every now and then). 

And that’s not too bad either. Is it?

Becoming the obvious plant-based pork-alternative by providing qualitative, healthy products so delicious you’ll never look back.

Love letter? Death threats? We’d love to hear from you!

Hey! If you’re still skeptic that our awesome products will change your life for the better, here’s a list of a few celebs with a plant-based diet that (perhaps) LOVE our vegan bacon seasoning:

Benedict Cumberbatch
Zac Efron
Ellie Goulding
Ellen DeGeneres
Ariana Grande
Woody Harrelson
Miley Cyrus
Liam Hemsworth
Peter Dinklage
James Cameron
Joaquin Phoenix
Arnold Schwarzenegger


In research we trust

Starting a business without market insights is just plain stupid. Naturally, we conducted a research prior to breaking our piggy bank and decided to invest all of our money into Raging Pig Co.

Participants: yes
Objective and unbiased:
Statistically reliable: yes

1. Do you love the taste of bacon?

a) Hell Yeah! 99.99%
b) Nah, I hate it! 0.01%


2. Would you:

a) hang the innocent cutie upside down and stab her right in the head with a knife only to make bacon out of her lifeless little body? 2%

b) Leave that cute piggy alone and get our super delicious Vegan Bacon Seasoning instead, letting you baconify everything in under a second in a more healthy, sustainable, and pig-loving way? 99.8%


If you answered a) above, do you think that...

  • ...Trump is a competent president and a loveable human being? 99.3%
  • ...That global warming is just a “natural cycle”? 99.4%
  • That men stand above women? 98.3%


  • 99.99% (aprox. 8 billion people) of the human population loves the taste of bacon.
  • 99.8% of these 99.99% (aprox. 7.99999999999 billion people) would love to buy our Vegan Bacon seasoning.
  • Raging Pic Co. will become a huge success!

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