Getting tired of your parents bullying you and saying things like “Isn’t it time to get your life together?” or “you’re 36 years old, maybe it’s time to get your own place?”.

Dreaming of a way to make them boomers shut it? Become an essential part of the gilt-free revolution! Make your peers hate to love you, stick it to the man and get a free entrance to the pearly gates for you and a friend.

Do you love food that tastes absolutely delicious? Do you believe that the 1.5 billion pigs being slaughtered each year for human food would rather just their lives? Are you a bit tired of humankind and the state of our world in general? Do you like the thought of influencing people by roaming the Earth sharing the sweet gospel of the gilt-free bacon revolution?

Great! It looks like you have what it takes to become a (dis)member of what might be the most boar-ing club ever: The Raging Pig Ambassador Club.

Expect jaw-dropping give-aways, exclusive merchs, post-corona techno parties and eternal fame.

Simply fill out the form below and tell us why you want to become a raging ambassador and we’ll get in touch ASAP, you truly amazing human being.